Humble Beginnings

You know how when you move, there is always that room that just gets dumped on, so that the other rooms can get set up and organized? That's been my craft room for the last several months. But today, I cleaned it! I feel so triumphant, you guys!! I did the thing! There is a lot of work to be done to it still, but overall I plan to keep it pretty simple. I love the look of cute craft spaces with adorable little things all around, but I think I feel more inspired when there isn't a lot going on around me.
Why am I cleaning it? I mean, besides my dignity? Well...

Remember about this time last year, when my mom and I decided to start a business that would honor my sister and help us work through our grief, keep us close after I moved so far away, and bring a little fun back into our lives? You guys even bought all those little bracelets to help fund our startup. (Thank you again!!) We had such awesome plans. We had most of our supplies purchased, business cards and website designed, I even had some of the product shots modeled and edited! We were so close, and so excited. But then another bomb dropped in my mom's life (and mine) and it was just. Too much. Too much heartbreak, too much emotion to work through. Too much to ask to push through with all our plans. We just stopped, we sort of froze. I'm sorry I didn't explain at the time why we didn't ever open up shop.
Some time has passed, and I've been so proud of my mom. She has endured like a...not like a champion...more like a wounded soldier. Like a hero. She is facing this strange new life with such bravery and endurance. And for better or worse, I think we're going to try to give this business thing another try. We're not sure if that means that we're persistent, or just stupid, haha. (It's hard to know what to do, when Pinterest is simultaneously telling you: "stop knocking on the door God has closed" and "Never stop trying!") We're going to have to start out with smaller fireworks than we first planned, but many great things have come from humble beginnings.

So look for our humble beginnings very soon!

Love you, :O)


  1. yay for humble beginnings -- I admire people that keep going so much.

  2. Can't wait to see what you ladies are up to! I love everything you put out! Your blog was the first one I ever started reading, probably about 6 years ago. Always very inspiring!

  3. Goodness me, Disney I hope your mum isn't sick. Big hugs!

  4. Cheering you on!! Can't wait to see what you ladies are up to. Your blog was the first blog I ever followed on a regular basis, and I've never stopped!

  5. Can't wait, so excited for you. And you know we all have your back.

  6. Excited for you, Disney. I'm sure whatever you and your mother come up with will be amazing.


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