Girl of the Year: Lea Clark!

Squeee! Isn't she beautiful?? I instagramed my excitement last month when American Girl sent me and Paige their gorgeous new Girl of the Year, Lea Clark, and told you that we had exciting plans for her. Finally today we can post about her!
Lea is ten year old who loves animals, adventure, and photography. She takes a life changing trip to Brazil with her family where she learns to overcome fears and see life through a new lens. Her collection is ADORABLE!!
When I first saw the pictures of Lea I immediately thought of our sweet neighbor girl, Nora, who looks just like her!! The same unique hair and eye color, and even Nora's summer tan looks like Lea's. I thought: "Oh, wouldn't it be a fun surprise to give it to her!", but I had already told Paige about us getting Lea and I knew she'd be so disappointed if we gave her away. And frankly, the more I looked at pictures of Lea, the more I was like: "Who's Nora??" But. As excited as I was about this beautiful new doll, I was even a little more excited about the opportunity to show Paige the fun of being generous and helping God bless other people. So when I talked to Nora's mom later and found out that not only had Nora been wanting Lea, but her birthday was coming up in a few weeks! I was like: "Oh we are so doing this." Besides, it seemed kind of like the American Girl thing to do. They really are a sweet and generous company, I really like them. And that's not me advertising for them. Paige wasn't quite sure about the idea at first (I waited until she was fully on board) but after some consideration, she was really excited to share the doll with her friend. It was like torture to wait until her birthday party, but it was totally worth it to watch her unwrap it and get a huge monster hug afterward. Such a fun experience!! I'm so grateful to American Girl for giving us the blessing of being able to bless others.
And I can't promise that I won't turn around and buy her after I'm done saving up for these plane tickets. :o) :o) :o) I mean, her hair.

Talk to you soon! Love you!!


  1. They do look a lot a like! I used to have 3 american girl dolls but one of my cousins did not have one when us cousins would play so I asked my mom if I could give her one of mine and mom said it was up to me, it was such a hard choice but I did give it to her and was so, so happy that I did! Hopefully Paige will remember how it felt and always be happy with that choice like I am :0)

  2. Ahhh! Nora and Lea do look so much alike! I love all your AG posts- me and my daughter LOVE ag dolls as much as you and Paige! :-)



  3. What a generous thing for Paige to do. Mom, you are teaching Paige so much. And Nora and Lea do look alike.

  4. We got our first girl at Christmas. We were even able to order the Type 1 Diabetes Kit for her. <3 American Girl. Your daughter is so sweet.


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