Scrumptious Newborn Photos! :O)

I have the BEST neighbors, my friends. They are truly special, I am so thankful for them. And one of them recently was kind enough to have the most precious baby girl for me to hold and sniff and take pictures of. (I mean, there may have been other reasons for having her, sure...)
Isn't she perfect?!? She is about a week and a half old in these photos. I took them in her adorable nursery, which is full of light, and sweet, soft shades of cream and peach and robin's egg blue. She has three older siblings, all brothers, so I'm sure she will be doted on just as much as she ought to be. :O)

I'm trying to think of some ways to use my camera to help God love people...not sure exactly how to do that yet. For now I'm at least just trying to bless more family and friends with photos. I just love taking pictures. I love, love, love it. I wish I had fancy Photoshop software to make editing more impressive. Editing is half the fun for me, but Aperture is pretty limited. Not that I'm not grateful for it! Maybe if I stopped spending every free cent I had on iced coffee....haha, just kidding, we all know I'd be dead in three days! ;o)

Love you, my dears. Thanks for hanging around all these years to read my little blog. 
I sure love having you here. :O)


  1. Wow these are GORGEOUS PICTURES you did an AWESOME JOB Congrats to MOM & BABY & YOU may GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!!

  2. Once upon a time, shannan (at flower patch farmgirl) and her husband took family portraits for families for free. I think this is an amazing way to give back to families, particularly those who could never afford fancy portraits!

  3. beautiful photos! precious subject! thanks for being here for me to hang out with! cheryl

  4. Awesome! So cute and beautiful baby. God Bless You!

  5. Make at home iced coffee is easy. ...proper cold coffee not instant (french press is quick) honey or sugar if you have to but I prefer to just let the icecream be the sweetener and the secret ingredient....vanilla extract or essence, if you feel it is too rich, add some ice cubes, no need for cream so not naughty at all !...enjoy

  6. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous baby, Disney. You certainly are a very creative little vegemite!

  7. Of course we're hanging in to see what you are showing... Look at the sweet blog you wrote today! Love the darling baby and your prose. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

  8. wonderful pics .. Such sweet children.
    a lovely family too
    May our Lord continue to bless you & yours..


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