Mandarin Collar Shirt DIY

Don't you love a mandarin collar? I just think the mandarin collar can look so rad on guys. Especially little guys, since everything looks more rad on them. I was window shopping for some online yesterday, when I thought: "Wait. What am I even doing??" and grabbed two of Ace's button up dress shirts and transformed them. This process seriously takes like 10 minutes, tops. And in case you're wondering-yes!-you can totally do this with men's shirts as well. Or women's, obviously!
Now I just need some little hipster suspenders to go with this... :o)

1. Use a seam ripper to tear out a few of the top stitches.
2. Gently pull the collar away from the stand (the neck band-ish thing) and begin taking out the stitches that you find holding them together.
3. Continue tearing out stitches until the collar is completely off. The stitches will be reinforced at each end, so be careful not to tear your fabric around those stubborn areas.
4. Use matching thread to sew the stand back together, trying your best to stay on the line where the previous stitches were.
And there you go! Super easy.

Love you, friends! We just got back from work camp again, painting houses in Ohio with the youth group. We painted 12 houses this week(!) for people who really needed it but couldn't afford it. Serving is such a treat! But we are tired. So good to be home. :o)
Take care!


  1. This is so genius!! And he is seriously the adorable.

  2. I never thought to try this - so excited to test it out with my non existent sewing skills. Thank you, Disney. Glad you had a good trip, it sounds amazing.

  3. Disney, thanks for that tip. Ace is Mr.Cute himself!!! What a lovely child and what lovely people you and your hubby are for giving him such a wonderful life.

  4. Never would I have guessed these were so easy to make O_o !!! I might upcycle a few shirts of mine this way, see if I want to wear them again once they're "maoed"! Thanks for the great tip!!!


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