Movie Night with American Girl!

American Girl surprised us by sending the new Lea Clark movie in the mail the other day, as well as a few other goodies for hosting a viewing with friends. Wasn't that sweet?? So we called over our neighbors and made some popcorn and had such a great time together! They didn't ask me to blog about it, but it was so sweet that I just had to share. I love the idea of turning a simple thing like watching a movie into a mini party. Because, why not?? I should do this a lot more.
Thanks, AG for making it happen! If I owned a super successful doll company, I'd like to think I would run my business in a similar way. :o) They also sent me one of their new Wellie Wishers dolls yesterday and she's sooo cute you guys, I can't wait to take pictures!!

Also! Our new Joy Medley website is going to be up and ready in like, 5 seconds! Ok, maybe not that quickly, but maybe tomorrow? Hopefully? So stay tuned!! Love you!


  1. NA die hatten ja viel SPAß....

    wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  2. Look like a lot of fun, girls from love to hang out also, and watch movies.


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