Hello, my dear friends! How've you been?? I've had a great couple of weeks at home with my feet propped up, or at least one of them. I injured my ankle in a wild photoshooting accident and had to have a few stitches, which was awesome! Because so many reasons. For one thing, I got to use crutches for the first time since I was a kid. So much fun! And I got some good rest, which was so nice. (Thanks to my family and friends for all the help!) but the BEST part was that I had so much time to design and make necklaces for Joy Medley. I made about 50 in just over a week! Yes!! I enjoyed it so much, I'm so thankful. As of yesterday I am able to walk again, which means I can start the photoshoots now. Oh man, I love this life.

I realized the other day how much this jewelry business has helped in the grief process. I haven't been this happy since before my sister died. Although, I cry *constantly* while working on the necklaces because of how much it reminds me of her. But it still makes me really happy, if that makes any sense. If only she were here to work on it with me. But I can't think about that.
Isn't it funny how healing it is to work on something that you're passionate about? (Why is that??) I'm so thankful that God gave us passions, and I'm fascinated by what gives each person their individual inward drive. For some people it's creating, for some it's planting things and making them grow, for some it's helping people with their emotions, it can even be like, toy trains. It's so cute to see what makes people happy. I know I've said this before, but I just love thinking about how God makes mountains and the human body, and physics, and solar systems, and then watches his children get all excited because they put beads on a string. Haha! Adorable humans. I just love thinking about that.

I feel like there was an actual reason I wrote this blog post, but apparently not. Oh, I guess I was just saying that I've been making necklaces and I'm so happy about that! These next few designs are going to be very bright and happy! The hardest part now is just figuring out how to market this and get the Joy Medley name out there. It's been so long since I've had to do any serious self promotion, ha! That's the part that doesn't come very naturally to me. :o/ But this time it's important, so I've just gotta do it. Another thing I've been mulling over is how the company can give back more...we have a set of necklaces from which the profits are donated to charity, but that's all based on sales of course, and I'd like to think of a way to add value to people's lives regardless of how sales are doing. Any ideas there??

Well my adorable humans! I'm off to put beads on a string. :o)

Love you so much! Hope your day is going nicely. 


  1. Thank you. Thank you for being happy when you are sad. Thank you for telling us, your friends in the blogging world, that you are struggling, but happy. Happy that you got stitches, happy you have had to stay in bed, happy to bead. Your bubbly, sweeet, beautiful personality shows with every blog post, and always seems to encourage me no matter how bad my day is. <3

  2. Disney, Your jewelry is very adorable and bright, makes me happy to look at it!
    Thank you for being so open-hearted and real. And for praising God in the midst of whatever is on hand--like your ankle and your sister.
    My older daughter showed me your blog a few years , and recently I found you on All-Free sewing for a project you did , so I subscribed to you. : ) I am a 49 year old mom of 12 children an I appreciate what you write and how you love the Lord. Thank you for your honesty and showing us your life , mind, and heart.......
    About using your jewelry to bless others, what about finding a way to get it to little girls with cancer ? My 10 year old daughter just donated her hair to "Children with Hair Loss".
    I got me thinking about other ways to bless children who are suffering that way.There are several great organizations doing a similar thing. I wonder if you could get in touch with some of them and find out how you might be able to find some way to get the jewelry to some of them too. I also wonder if your subscribers might not be willing to help you with the cost of beads and supplies and shipping to. I know I would ! : ) An idea anyway.
    May the Lord continue to bless you with joy as you heal in heart and body.
    Trisha W.

  3. I'm reading your post on a Sunday evening (I live in Paris, France), and it gives me courage to brave the upcoming week! Thanks for that :) and also, I'm very glad you're feeling better!
    About giving back, I'm not sure how you make your jewelry (do you handcraft everything yourself?), but if there's one thing I love it's businesses hiring less """hirable""" people (please note the quotation marks!), like disabled people or people having mental disorders or even people that are just out of prison.
    When I was looking for reusable cotton pads for removing make up, I found many providers, but chose a small French business that hires people who did time and are struggling to find a job because of that. In addition they are very eco-friendly in their production process, like many providers I found, but the 'rehabilitating people' thing did the trick for me. I know cotton pads have nothing to do with jewelry but you get the idea :) There is also a company who handknits hats and scarves, hiring mostly grandmas who are retired, you can choose your grandma and all based on their profile. I think it's a sweet thing when businesses hire people who are on the sideline most of the time.
    Take care

  4. Thank you for writing this, Disney. Your posts are so sweet and inspiring. I was struggling to get started on my passion today, and you helped provide the boost. God bless :)


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