Merry Christmas!

I was too busy Christmasing yesterday to post this, but Merry Christmas from us!!!
I think this was the best Christmas I've ever had. :)

All the heart eyes and biggest "thank you!!"s to my neighbor for snapping some family photos for us! And even bigger thanks to God, for sending down gigantic Hallmark movie snowflakes, just for the occasion! I love you, God!! *twirly dance*

I hope you all are having wonderful family time and rest and all those good things. 
Love you!


  1. Disney, I am so pleased you had a lovely Christmas. Please send some of that snow Down Under where it is hot at the moment as we are in the middle of summer :-)

  2. I just absolutely love these photos + how happy you you guys + biggest hugs..

  3. Disney, I haven't been here in a while... like a long while because OMG Paige has a little brother!! :D

    You guys look SO GREAT!! It's awesome to see and Merry Christmas! Beautiful family photos!


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