Nanea Mitchell!

(all images above belong to American Girl^^^)

Isn't she so beautiful!!!!! Our latest little package of happiness From American Girl came this morning! Their newest doll is a historical Character, which are our favorite! They are what made me fall in love with American Girl when I was still a little girl-the fun stories and dresses and accessories that reflect life in America at the time of whichever doll you had. So cool. This doll, Nanea Mitchell, is from Hawaii and her year is 1941. Paige and I can't wait to start her book tonight, reading about what life may have been like after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ever since they announced Nanea, back in spring, I've been counting the days until she was released! I love her new face mold, so pretty! And I mean her outfit. Those shorts! I'm dying, why are dolls so cute.
On a personal note, Nanea bares several resemblances to Ace's birth mom, which I find kind of cool. Maybe I will save her for Ace's daughter one day.
Thanks, American Girl, for giving us such a lovey gift! You make us so happy!!

Love you, friends. :)

P.S. This post was compensated by American, Girl, blah blah legal stuff, what am I supposed to say again? Opinions and gushing feelings are all mine. :o)