November 29, 2009

For the Casual Gentleman....

Remember the ruffle picture shirts?
I was dying to make a boy's version for my nephew, Jack (or Cpt. Cheeks as we sometimes call him), so I got this little solid green shirt at Walmart, and used scraps from other t shirts in white, grey, and red, to make a collar and striped tie. He's such a little gentleman!


To make the collar, just measure the neck and cut out two pieces, shaped roughly like this:

Lay the two pieces on top of each other, and stitch all the way around the edges. Then sew them around the neck of your shirt! Cute, cute! :o)

I'm having trouble finding the time to search for tutorials/ideas to feature on my sidebar, so if you see any cute ones, please do pass them on! Thanks!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


  1. LOVE. Seriously. *sigh* I need more TIME before Christmas!! My little guy NEEDS one of these!

  2. This is just too CUTE!
    Excellent idea and beautiful photos!

  3. I feel the need to have children so I can make cute things for them :D
    I have a new tutorial up if you want to feature it, I don't know if you can be featured twice.

  4. This is just plain adorable -- and a nice twist on the onsie-and-tie shirts! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks, Disney! This is lovely. I must make it...immediately x 2!

  6. Very cute! I've been looking for ideas for for my 2 nephews. Did you ruffle the strips or just stitch them on flat?

  7. I just stitched them on flat! I don't think the boys would be into the ruffles ;o)

  8. Haha, that is what I figured, just thought I'd ask.

  9. Check these out:

  10. You guys have such cuties! If I have a boy, I will definitely be making that shirt.

  11. A couple of cuties!
    I love the necktie shirt - adorable!

  12. I am in love with this shirt. I liked the girls' shirts, but when I see a boy shirt, I swoon!!! I am featuring this on AGAIN~!!!!

  13. Disney,
    This post is especially noteworthy! So cute!


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