Simple Projects Week: Roundup!

There are SO many ideas out there that I love and would love to try. It would take pages and pages to share them all. But not all projects are simple, and as I was searching through my favorite websites, I soon discovered that projects that are really quick and simple are not as readily available as I thought! Still, here are a few that I found and loved. I hope they provide some inspiration! (Links to the tutorials are under the photos.)

I love these simple home decor ideas. Especially that lace coffee table. Need!

And how cute are these funky autumn pumpkins and leaves?

A few tee refashions for the beginner sewer:

I'd love to do crayon art just in shades of green or pink. And eraser stamps sound so fun.

A mouse pad cover is a serious "to do" for me, you should see mine. Yuck! It's so easy to do! And I love cards with stitching.

And of course, there are always more of my own ideas! Here are a few fairly simple projects I've done in the past:
 Headbands, polka-dot tee, simple skirt, petal tee

paper doll magnets, doodle chalkboard, paper pinwheels

Have fun with your projects! And please feel free to share if you have quick, simple tutorials of your own! :o)
Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. i love those twine and cork coaster. i made a tutorial for a $40 scarf i has seen on pinterest. $4 worth of knits and 4 lines of stitching and you've got your own! 3 of my friends who had never touched a sewing machine in their lives made one each in under an hour!

  2. I bookmarked so many of these because I thought they would make beautiful Christmas gifts! Best ever!

  3. I really loved your Simple Projects Week :)

  4. Disney, I just want to tell you how much I love and appreciate your blog. I love to be crafty and create things, but I'm oftentimes intimidated and "too busy" to attempt many of the beautiful projects I see on all the craft blogs I follow.

    Your blog is so different and inspiring!!! You're so down to earth. Your projects are all cute and simple and you do a wonderful job of explaining the details. I really appreciate what you do here!

    Just wanted to let you know :)

  5. I hope I'm not double commenting here. Something went wrong on my end.

    Anyway, I bookmarked it too. There are a few things that would make great wedding gifts and decorations. I love those coasters. Are they made with twine?

  6. Wow so cool to see one of my projects on your blog, especially since I pretty much stalk you hah. Thanks so much for linking to me (:

  7. Oooh love it all! Thanx for sharing, now I really want to try something out!


  8. What a fun week! You are so amazingly talented! I featured my favorites at Have a wonderful day!

  9. Oooh YAY! I didn't realize you were blogging again until I saw your article in the one of the local papers. :)
    Glad to see you back here and full of more wonderful ideas. :D

  10. They would make beautiful Christmas gifts! So clever!

  11. What a great collection of easy projects! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love the t-shirt idea!! Where did you find that? It looks very easy! I'll definitely have to give it a try.

  13. How sweet of you to include me ;) Love the roundup!


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