String Art Canvas Tutorial!

Isn't this fun?

String art (that's what I'm calling it) is something I've been meaning to try out for a while now. I'm not sure if it's something I saw somewhere once, or if my mind made it up, but I like it!

It's very simple. But, striking, too!

And so easy. YAY! 
All you need is canvas(or old frames and fabric), string and fabric glue.

You can definitely do this on a store bought canvas, but if you're too cheap to buy those (like me) then make your own "canvases" with old frames and fabric! Here's how:

  • Find a frame(light in color, so it doesn't show through your fabric) and discard(read: save for something, somewhere, someday) the glass and backing. Then cut a rectangle of medium-heavyweight fabric just large enough to fit around the back.

  • Start gluing to the back of the frame, pulling the fabric nice and taught. The back doesn't have to look nice, but do take care to make a tidy fold on the corners.

Ta-da! A canvas frame. Sorta.

Then you'll want to lightly draw a design, tracing a stencil or printed image if desired.

Put a small amount of glue along your traced lines, and gently pat string onto the glue. That's it!

Let it dry, and hang on two nails. Easy, right?

I put mine in my bathroom. Remember this post when I said I wanted to cover my bathroom in sailboat pictures? It's coming along nicely! Thanks to every thrift store I've been to in the last several months.

I just love my two newest additions! 
Placed glamorously next to the toilet paper.

 The bathroom is still a work in progress(you can see a couple of frames are actually still empty), but it already makes me so happy to be in it! I just love it! Don't you love it when you decorate a room and it just feels like home? Something you'll be happy with for a long time? Me too.

I love a neutral, monochromatic look, but this type of picture would be fun in different colors, too! I might do some brighter colors with white string kites in Paige's room.
I hope you have fun making some! Take care!



  1. Love it Disney!! "Striking" was a very good word choice. Thanks for sharing the tute, pinning this for sure.

  2. How smart :)
    I love the simple tutorial, last year i share a card at my blog ,i design it with jute string & i know its a fun activity :)
    thanks for sharing!!

  3. Disney I LOVE this! I will have to get my 2 girls into it also, could make for some sweet Christmas gifts!

  4. You never cease to amaze me! These are great. And, I love love looove your bathroom walls. Perfect!

  5. Oh my goodness! Disney you have done it again. That brain of yours never ceases to amaze me. Great idea, great tutorial. THANK YOU!

  6. Really good idea and easy project!!!love the way your bathroom looks!!!Thank u!!!!

  7. That is really creative! I'll have to try that. I love your bathroom too.

  8. So clever!!! I love the idea of kites for Paige's room too!!! Definitely try it and post some pics. I'm going to have to this a whirl! You make it look so easy!

  9. so smart!! for just a little string and tacky glue it sure has a great end result!!

  10. How fun and whimsical is that craft! I love it! Good job and so nice and simple.


  11. Very nice and simple!!!!!
    Kisses from Greece!!!
    My blog is

  12. I am in LOVE with your bathroom!! Seriously, I LOVE it!!!!!

  13. Your bathroom looks awesome! I live the mixed-media-ness of it!

  14. Genius! I love the schooner, and your nautical bathroom, it's so fun. There's so much to look at :D

  15. Hello there! I just found you through site and this string art tutorial is very clever! I am diefinitely doing this... and coming back!

  16. I will definitely do this one for my girls room with some fun colors,love it!!!!!

  17. I love this! I may have to do a robot version for my son's room...or maybe a unicorn for my little many possibilities!

    I posted it on our blog:

    Thanks for such a great idea!

  18. My son is SO into ships! He walked in and saw me looking at this and now he is going to do this project!

    ...yes, I know it can be done with any image. ;)

  19. Where did you get all your sailing pictures?

  20. What an awesome collection of boats! I love the string art! Very creative you are.

  21. I love your shelf over the toilet! I have been looking for the right one(read: cheap) to take and drill holes into to make it a shelf/towel bar for hand towels. ~Beth

  22. Love, love, LOVE that bathroom!

  23. I too have a nautical bathroom, but its not quite as awesome. I'm working my way up to Disney nautical status!

  24. Bathrooms look like this!?! It looks amazing. I was just wondering what type of fabric it is that you used for the canvas.

    1. Thank you! To be honest...I'm not 100% sure what fabrics they were. Just random medium-weight fabrics from my stash. I would try muslin or something similar. :o)

  25. I love this, so cute and simple! I made a boat and an elephant of my own, I love the way they look on my wall. They aren't as complex as yours though. I posted about them here:


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