One to Watch: Hello Hydrangea

Sometimes I fall in love with a blog. At first sight.

Today I fell in love with one called Hello Hydrangea. It's authored by this lovely lady, Lindsey:

(Isn't she too cute for this world? Make her go away!)

She's so fun to read and has really got an eye for beautiful photos and super cute DIY. Check it out!

Her blog is pretty new, so please go show her some love! I think it's going to be the beginning of something fantastic. 

And thanks for the compliments on the last post, guys! I love your comments so much. I'm pretty sure that I could live without food and water as long as I had Jesus and all your sweet remarks.



  1. I LOVE this!
    Thanks, Disney. Now I can't go to bed because I can't stop clicking "older posts".

  2. Thanks for the heads up, awesome blog. Loved the headwrap tutorial too, totally sweet.

  3. Disney, thank you for the rec to her is pretty awesome.

  4. Nice find, now I'm excited to go explore the new blog! Thanx for sharing!


  5. Hey Disney- I'm actually really curious about your beliefs about Jesus. I am a Christian and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I'm wondering what he is to you? I know that you're Mormon - I'd just like to hear your perspective on Jesus sometime since you mention him so often. Thanks - love your blog!

  6. Hi Elise! I'm not in fact LDS, I am just a Christian, plain and simple. I attend the "Church of Christ', which is non-denominational. :O)

  7. Hey Disney! Thanks for the clarification! =)

  8. Disney, not only do I love your blog for the wonderful diy projects but even more for your love of Jesus. thanks for sharing!

  9. Awesome blog, thanks for sharing. I love that she actually painted her Kitchen Aid, so cute!


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