Happy Weekend!

Hope you have a great weekend! We just enjoyed a great bbq birthday party in perfect spring weather. Ahhh. I couldn't help snapping a colorful shot or two to share.

Before we went to the party I made an (easier) version of the vintage frock for myself. I really love it. I'll share a photo as soon as I can! 



  1. Oh...I envy that weather...not so lovely here, Elizabeth and I just moved our little kids cousins picnic indoors this evening because of the wind...but your BBQ looks like it would have been perfect. Such happy photos.

  2. Happy Weekend to you to! I do love those cute shoes :) Fun picnic photo too!

  3. I eagerly await your next tute! ^_^

  4. Sounds like fun :)

  5. Will you show us how to make these amazing shoes? I assume you painted them? Love your site!


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