Paperclip Pendants Tutorial!

Remember these earrings we refashioned using a paperclip?
It occurred to me the other day that the same technique could be used to make a pendant necklace as well! I had these inexpensive white decorative shells that I tried drilling a hole in once to make a pendant, but I couldn't drill through with the bits I had so I gave up on it. Hello! Why didn't I think of glueing a jump ring (or paperclip) to the back?

You don't have to use a paperclip. A jump ring is a lot easier, of course. But the idea is that you don't always have to buy a bunch of new supplies to make something pretty! 

There are tons of things lying about the house that probably need to be a necklace. 

Beautiful buttons?

Glass pebbles?

 A thimble?

Monopoly dog?

Vintage toys?

Even pom-poms! 
(You may have to stitch these to the ring.)

I love the shell attached to a pearl necklace.

But of course, I'm a gold tone girl. :O)

If you'd like to make one, here are the instructions:

Detailed instructions:
  • Grab a paperclip and a shell or other trinket to make into a pendant.
  • Cut the end off the paperclip with wire cutters and twist into a spiral shape, leaving a loop at the top.
  • Use a strong hold glue (not hot glue) to attach to the back of your shell.
  • Cut another 3/4" (ish) section off the remaining paperclip and bend into a loop.
  • Open the loop by twisting to the side and connect the shell's loop to a chain.

Hope you have fun! My favorite part was hunting for treasures to turn into a necklace. I love the giraffe. I think I'll turn it into a necklace for Paige. She's all about giraffes lately.

Have a good day now!


P.S. Mother's Day. 
You know what I'm sayin'.


  1. That's a great idea! I have tons of paper clips and little trinkets to make necklaces out of. Thanks for sharing (^_^)

  2. This is fantastic! I am totally going to do this. :)

  3. You're really good at thinking outside the box. Do you have any suggestions regarding incorporating decorative buttons and brooches into a necklace (not as pendants)?

  4. omg! this is awesome! i wish i could be in your head to see all the awesome thoughts you have thr! lol!

  5. These necklaces are so awesome and it looks to easy to make, I'll definitely try this!!

    Thanks so much for all the beautiful ideas you share with us!


  6. Cute! Great idea! It's fun and simple looking. Love the monopoly dog. :)


  7. So lovely Disney! I think the vintage toy giraffe is my favorite.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. :) I can't believe Paige is 5. She's a beauty.

  8. Hi Disney! I love that you think outside the box. I like the silver shell necklace with the pearls the best (I am so stealing that one...LOL), but then again I like all of them :O) I am making some of these now, shells mainly and one army man with a bazooka. Hehehehehehe. I am going to the beach later in the year and I will use this to make sea glass pendants. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. I love this paperclip tutorial and the idea of using old buttons and toy trinkets for charms. My daughter's have all kinds of things that fall off thier toys, or from b-day parties, or buttons that fall off clothes that don't fit us or tear...and especially broken jewelry and when i lose ONE earring. Never know what to do with one earring!

  10. Hi Disney, me again. I did a blog entry about these, here

  11. I love this idea you are so smart. I love your nail polish color by the way.

  12. Brilliant! Love your work!

  13. Great way to use a paperclip! I love the giraffe necklace.

  14. Hi Disney, in order to drill seashells, a trick is to do it in a small container (tuna can?), with water enough to cover where you are drilling. I broke and burned many types of bits and then remembered this method. Sometimes putting drips of oil on the spot will work as well, different materials require different methods, bits, and speed. If anything, this note can be a reminder for a lot of us whom may need them once in awhile. Thank you for your site. Inspiring!


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