A Simple Birthday

We celebrated Paige's birthday this last week. 
Her 5th birthday. She's five. (Years. Old.)

I can't believe it! She'll have a party later this month, but on her birthday we had a nice, relaxing family day with her doing all her favorite little things. I saw an idea on Pinterest for having the birthday girl or boy wake up to a ceiling full of balloons, which I thought was so cute! But the stores closed before we could get to them the night before so I thought of taping up a little message for her to wake up to in the morning. It took way longer than I thought. I cut out the letters, taped together the 5, blew up water balloons because that's all we had, took apart an old gift bag with curling ribbon on it, then I carefully picked her up and put her in our bed so I could stand on her bed and hang it all on the ceiling. After taking it down and straightening abut 5 times (my arms were seriously sore the next day. sad.) I put her back into her bed (it was 2am by then) and eagerly awaited her surprise-filled awakening the next morning.

...She didn't even see it!!

She rolled out of bed and came running into ours without even noticing. haha. Agh! Oh well.

So we started off with the most important of the day's activities: presents. We got her a book and movie to watch later in the day, two of her favorite things. (Reading and watching movies is almost torture to me, so she definitely gets that from her daddy!)
Then she wanted to take a walk. So we did! It was lovely to take a walk at 7 in the morning. But freezing.
We killed a little time at home where she got to "buy" herself a fish on Tapfish, and then we headed to the library for story time. This kid LOVES the library. All the librarians know her by name, and sometimes they even let her come in the back. You might say she's somewhat of a library VIP. ;o) (I'm pretty sure the librarians treat all the kids that way, but we don't have to tell her that.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the park and Taco Del Mar!
I love how she wanted to wear her "fancy" dress to the park. That's just the sort of thing I would have done when I was a little girl. There was no occasion unfit for a fancy dress in my mind.

Again, I do have a husband. :o) He was very much involved that day, he just prefers not to see his face on the craft blog.  So that was Paige's day!

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Homemade starbucks!

No, I didn't give my five year old coffee. It was "chocolate milk" (rice milk, agave nectar and cocoa powder), but I put it in a Starbucks cup to make it feel special.

It really was a wonderful day! It's so nice to spend a day as a family without having to worry about obligations. I can't remember the last time we've done that. 

I hope you are all enjoying a nice weekend! 


P.S. Remember Paige when I first started blogging?

P.P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to say thank you to Kelly of Studio DIY for featuring the party I did for Paige's friend! Thanks, Kelly!


  1. How sweet...Happy Birthday dear Paige..

  2. Happy Birthday Paige. My gosh, she is such a cutie. I think that anytime I see her on your blog.

  3. Thank you, June. I think the same thing all the time. Sometimes I just think "seriously? this little girl is mine??"

  4. happy birthday and all the best to Paige!:D

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday!! I did a similar balloon filling, banner hanging for my son's 3rd birthday and he did not notice it either. He came in our room and ate breakfast before he realized the festivities in his bedroom. They are too unpredictable!

  6. She is my daughter's age and she's seems to have a big personality like her. Isn't it fun to look back at the photos of her when you first started to blog? Happy birthday 5 year old.

  7. Cute idea! I'll try it sometime!

  8. Happy Birthday Paige! Disney, I love her dress. Did you make or buy it? I would love that fabric if it is available somewhere, I collect Hello Kitty(hello kitty fabric in particular).

    Your daughter gets more beautiful everytime I see a new photo.


  9. Disney,
    What a beautiful bit of love to put that sign above her bed! She may not have seen it first thing when she woke up, but it will not be part of her story, how Mommy loved her enough that she carried her around sound asleep in the middle of the night and how mommy tired out her arms to put up a Happy Birthday sign above her bed! Lovely!

  10. Happy birthday Paige! :) Looks like a fun day!

  11. Happy birthday, Paige! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

    Disney - I love the quilt on Paige's bed. Did you make it? We're thinking about moving our little girl to a big girl bed soon so I'm trying to come up with a fun new theme for her room.

    Gorgeous photos as always!

  12. Happy Birthday Paige!! She's growing so quick! It's just crazy how fast kids grow up!! I think that every time I look at my kids. Where has the time gone?

    This idea is so fun!! I'm going to try it on our next birthday. :) Between, where did all the pink go, from Paige's room? I just loved the space! It's my inspiration for my 2 youngest girls' room.

  13. Thanks, Maggie! We actually switched Paie's room with another one recently, so it changed a little. There is still lts of pink though!

  14. haha, we hung crepe paper flowers all over my daughter's room last weekend (she was turning 4). it was BEAUTIFUL and so fun... and you know what? she didn't see it either! i said "do you open your eyes before you come running in to snuggle?" and she said "no, the sun is too bright on my eyes!" so there you have it. she still got a lot of enjoyment from the decorations after the fact though. happy birthday paige!

  15. What a fun day! :) You seem like such a great mom! She is so lucky to have you as a mom. :) I love the dimple on her cheek/smile. So cute! I also love the bow/clip in her hair. I love the dresses she wore from the last 2 flashback photos at the end when you she was five years old when you first started blogging. Did you sew/make those dresses/coats yourself? They are adorable and your photography is adorable with the umbrella. Such a great nostalgic style. I love her pig tails too. So cute! My mother used-to put me in pig tails for my hair as well! :) Be encouraged. :) Have a great day. :)


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