Happy Day 10: DIY Skateboard Shelves!

How cool are these skateboard deck shelves I made for Paige?! Gah!

A while back I was talking to the owner of Mosaik, our local skateshop, about how I wanted to buy a mini deck to make a shelf for Paige's room and he was like "come here...would these work?" and he shows me this like floor to ceiling stack of broken decks he's collected over the years. Whoa! What?! Then he let me pick out a couple to use for my shelves, which blew my mind a little. What a seriously nice guy!
I love stacks of anything, so I just think these look so pretty! 
I grabbed a green one and a pretty sweet pink and blue one. I love the pink inside that shows up on the broken parts. Ugh. So cool looking! Here is the green one before: not too exciting, right?
I was just going to add brackets and call it good, but then I realized: glitter. So I brushed on some Mod Podge...
And shook that crazy stuff!
Then repeated the process for a second coat before sawing off the broken edge (ok, having a friend saw off the broken edge) and screwing on the brackets.
Here's the pink one. Isn't it so beautiful?! Swoon!
I was going to add wheels on the end of...something?...to use for the hooks, but then I got lazy and just added some inexpensive gold hooks. In the end I think I like this better!
Then I screwed them into the wall! I recommend drilling a hole in the board first with a small bit to help the screws go in because decks are pretty solid.

So. Amazing.  We love theeeem!! And Paige really likes having a place to display her special little pocket monsters ;o) and turtle friends which are some of her most prized possessions (head shake, slight eye roll.)
I'll have to give you guys a little tour of Paige's room soon because it's one of my favorite rooms in our house! And these shelves are definitely one of my favorite things in it. I'm quite proud of them!

So today was day 10 of Thirty Days of Happy! This has been so wonderful so far. Really. I can see a huge difference in the attitudes of our whole family and it feels so good. Today a bunch of people from church got together for a service project and then we all had lunch together afterward and that was great. Then we went to froyo with some of our friends/basically family and then they came over to our house and stayed until almost 11 just talking about whatever. So pretty much it was the perfect day. Man I have a good life. (Thank you, God. I really love you.) :O)

Hope your day was equally happy! 
And thanks for hanging out with me here every day. I love you for it!


  1. The shelves and hook hangers: gorgeous! And cool! And gorgeous! I love the way you staggered the hook hangers around the light fixture - what a great way to decorate around an immovable object.

  2. I love it. That pink one is really cool!

  3. Very cool! I love that she has this hobby that many girls her age would shy away from because it's too masculine. Also, I think I might need a teddy bear head purse! Haha.

  4. I found 4 boards at a yard sale - last fall- for $.25 each!!!! so i grabbed them up, spend my $1 and had plans in the back of my mind to do this very thing for my little mans room. i love the pink one!!!

  5. I am now looking for a broken deck. The one with the added hooks is my fav.

  6. Whoa these are AWESOME! I read your blog a lot but don't really ever comment... sorry about that. Anyway yay for being happy and yay for glitter and yay for time to yourself. My husband has just returned from two nights away fishing, I think that I'd quite like a night away for myself, no family or anything. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration.

  7. Woohooo I love it! I love the Board with glitter and I´ll definitely try the same with my old boards :) Oh and you´re lucky with the guy in your skateshop!

  8. Yep. you are officially too cool for school. kindly leave

    seriously though, I just can't with you! Vin needs these (so do I!)

  9. What an excellent idea, I think I may involve my son in this one. Thanks!
    The shelves and hook hangers: amazing and cool!
    It's great the way you staggered the hook hangers around the light fixture - what a great way to decorate around an immovable object.
    wood work guide


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