Happy Day 18 & 19: Spring!

It's starting to look like spring around our house! Yay! Today we planted flowers and carrots in our gardens. :o)
(Gratuitous photo of me because I love my pink hair!)

I don't know, you guys. I've always said that autumn is my favorite season, but spring is killin' it this year! It was like 70 degrees today. The windows and doors were open and I was in the garden and I caught up on the laundry and even made real food for dinner! I had on my awesome pants today! Yes!

This is so funny though. When we started "30 Days of Happy" I was thinking: "We're not going to fret over cleaning and all that responsible stuff, we're just going to focus on happy stuff." Good plan, I thought. But the more I think about and choose to be happy, the more I want to do the laundry. Whaaat?! I think we all know this, but for some reason we like to forget how much being responsible and doing the right things and working hard creates happiness in us. I know I forget. 

So maybe today...plant a flower! Do laundry! Do that thing that you've been putting off forever because you just really don't want to. It will feel so amazing!! It'll turn that frown upside down for sure. Try it! (Moms: am I the only one who can't say or type "try it" without singing the "try it, you'll like it" song from Yo Gabba Gabba? Curse that song!!)

Have a really wonderful day. I hope spring is peeking its head out where you are as well!


  1. First of all ... completely understand about the song.

    Second of all I wanted to say that I think about you and your family often. I mean, not in a weird stalker way - but just to put your mind to rest I'm in Australia so you don't need to worry.

    I can't remember how I came across your blog, I remember that you were taking a 'long lunch' at the time. I was struck by your creativity, talent and, most importantly, your generosity of spirit. I continue to find your blog posts inspiring, funny and, at times, heart wrenching...which is probably why my thoughts are often with you and your family even while I look after my own.

    I know how difficult being a mother of young children can be (my own sons are 2 and 3 1/2). Wonderful, inspiring, joyful and always a blessing but also, at times, difficult. Sometimes it's so easy to become mired in frustration and gloom. Your efforts to lift yourself and family above it and embrace happiness is a credit to you and I hope that it continues to brighten your world.

    I hope this comment doesn't seem weird, I wasn't sure if I should write it but I wanted you to know both that you're not alone and that you make a difference to others.

    1. This is the sweetest thing-nothing stalker-like about it at all! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. :)

  2. crazy GOOD ridiculous!!! i love it!!!

  3. what a great reminder, to just get the fire lit under your butt and do that project that you've been putting off. you are right, it would make you feel amazing. and doing the right things and being responsible i think as often downers of being an adult, but maybe youre right. we should flip our way of thinking and instead of dreading our chores and responsibilites we should just embrace them and enpower ourselves with the happiness it gives us. i think i'll go change that blown light bulb! lol

  4. How fun! Spring really is awesome! Your post reminded me of the chapter in Little Women where all the girls decide to take a break from their responsibilities only to find it made them much happier to do their tasks with excellence.

  5. I know, right? I totally should have done it when I was a kid! Better late than never, right? 💁

  6. Honey, I LOVE your pink hair. It is perfection of color on your beautiful self.
    (I had planned to write this and then happened upon the above ridiculous comment as I scrolled up to glance at it again)
    It is perfect with your complexion too!!!!
    I have to say, I wish I'd done something fun like that when I was your age.
    Gorgeous and super fun!

    Laundry...yea, tons to do( I am more than half way through an 8 wks sub position so daily things are sorely neglected esp with warm weekends when we go biking and doing family things!)
    Oh and we better not forget the kitchen :)


  7. Your hair is pretty much the best hair ever.

  8. Disney! You must tell me where you got the vase that looks like a tree stump/branches. The one holding the daffodils! I just love it!


    1. It was from JoAnn Fabrics :)

    2. Thanks! Wow, never expected it to be from JoAnn. Looks like it's from Etsy :)

  9. You'd love the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It's a life changer! I always enjoy your blog. I'm looking forward to days 20-30.

  10. I can't say try it without saying - 'Try it, try it and you may I say' - -Green Eggs and Ham :) Drives my kids nuts !


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