Happy Day 30: Sprinkles!

Today we made something delicious we found on Pinterest
These marshmallow bark squares with white chocolate and dark chocolate and sprinkles. Paige approved!
Today was one of those "on your feet all day" days. It was great! This morning we had a celebration for a friend and sister who just had a sweet baby boy. We had a lovely lunch at a bistro in town where I enjoyed snuggles with the new little one and tried not to look like the weird person on a cleanse who couldn't eat anything. :O)

Isn't he so sweet!!

Then we had great friends come to town and we had dinner with them and then got together with a few people from church for desert, which is what I made those cute 'mallow bars for. I have to admit, I felt pretty cool for not only making something instead of buying packaged cookies, but also for actually making something I pinned! If only I could've eaten them, haha.

Well today's the day. Day 30 of "30 Days of Happy." Wow, do I ever feel different from 30 days ago! What I thought was going to be a fun, superficial sort of "just try to be in a good mood" endeavor turned into something so much more. I truly am happier. I feel spiritually rejuvenated, more like myself. And physically, I feel great! Yay for healthy food and hydration! :O) Thanks to all of you for sticking around and leaving your encouraging comments along the way. It really means so much to me! Have you guys ever taken that love languages test? I think mine is words of affirmation, which means that all your sweet comments make me feel really loved and I really appreciate it.

You know what else I liked about doing "30 Days of Happy"? I loved blogging about little things. I always feel like I'll bore you all if I blog about the little stuff, but to tell you the truth I really enjoy sharing the details of life. It's fun.

I hope you have a great Easter tomorrow. How perfect that my happiness event ends at the happiest day of the year, celebrating the happiest moment in human history.
I love you!


  1. Thanks for doing this! I loved it. And happy, happy Resurrection Day!

  2. Gosh, this month has been one of my favourite ever as one of your readers (and I have been for a couple years now) BECAUSE of all the little stuff. I adore hearing about little stuff, it's like my favourite thing!! I love your blog and would read it no matter what you decided to do with it but NEVER feel shy about sharing small things, I'm sure I can't be the only one who loves a peek into your sweet, beautiful soul sometimes.

  3. I love hearing about the little stuff too, Disney. When you think about it life is made up of 'little stuff'. I hope you had a blessed Easter and am so pleased you are feeling happier.

    Big hugs from Australia.


  4. I can't believe it's been 30 days already!

  5. I love reading about the little stuff, Disney. And I loved this month too. When you started the 30 Days, I really needed something to make me feel better, and get out of the blah place I was stuck in- and this was it! Thank you!


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