DIY Gift Bows (with Cupcake Wrappers!)

Do you know what I just can't do? Holiday themed DIY. Every new holiday I have like Craft Anxiety (that's a thing) because all of the other bloggers are shooting out clever little heart-shaped everything and I'm just sitting here frozen like Arendelle. I was in the studio tonight determined to make a heart out of anything, and instead I ended up making gift bows. Haha, I just can't!! I think I have a hard time doing what I'm "supposed to do" in general, so when the world says: "Make Valentine's things!" I turn into Grump Cat: "No."  But it's ok, I like bows better than hearts, anyway!

Wanna make some??
You'll need this stuff: (+ scotch tape)

  •  Fold two cupcake wrappers in half.

  •  Fold them in half again.

  •  Make them kiss, and put a wee bit of scotch tape there to hold them together. (Optional: Sing "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green in your head.)

  •  Wrap some glittery gold washi tape around the center. You CAN use other kinds of washi tape, but I'm just warning you now, that nothing looks as good as glittery gold. (That's true for anything in life.) You can get this particular tape at JoAnn stores.

  •  Fluff out each side so they look nice and full.

 Put them on all the things, or string them as a garland for a party!
I'll be in touch soon with exciting life updates! Yay!!

Have a wonderful day. You are lovely. :0)


  1. Hello Grumpy! LOL! You are so funny, Disney. You always brighten up my day when you post. Love the bows. Can't wait to hear about your life updates.

  2. Bows are definitely better than bows! This is such a clever idea and they look so cute and pretty! Have a wonderful day too and you're lovely too :)

  3. This is so cool! I can't wait to make some and have them ready for gift wrapping :)

  4. Wonderful idea, it looks perfect bow! thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. yup, I feel ya on this. 100% I'm always a bit off schedule with my holiday crafts.

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  7. Disney, don't forget that Ezra and I live in Indiana. We are about an hour from Kokomo, northeast of Indy.

  8. Love the Frozen reference. I love bows too! Making them out of cupcake wrappers is a wonderful creative idea. Bows are wonderful and so are you :.) it doesn't even matter that it's not about hearts or Valentine's Day.

  9. Love the simple idea! Thanks and greetings from Germany!

  10. Perfect timing! We have spare cupcake wrappers here so I will try this DIY gift bows. I’m planning to put glitters as well.

  11. Wow it's soooo cute! Thanks Disney ^^


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