Wedding Cake Topper DIYs!

Hello, guys! Just sharing a couple of cake toppers I just created for eHow. A "Mr. & Mrs." donut pair, and an elegant monogram wreath that would be perfect for a wedding cake, or any kind of cake that you feel like making fabulous. :O)

I was all pumped to tackle these projects until I realized that I would have to make CAKES for them to go in. Yyyyyeaaaaahhh, I can't make cakes. Not the kind that don't have pans to hold up the sides. The last two cakes I've made turned out like this. But thank goodness for JoAnn crafts! Because they sell styrofoam cake forms. Ha! I frosted the styrofoam! Isn't that AWESOME?! Too bad it won't work for your wedding...I guess that's why we have caterers. I have to say though, it was really disappointing to not be able to eat these when I was finished with the photos. :o(

Click here to get the instructions for these toppers!

Have a great day :o)


  1. They look just lovely, Disney. Are you sure you can't bake a cake...a talented and creative girl like you?

  2. I would definitely have been licking the frosting off the polystyrene cake forms.

  3. Super cute ideas! I love that you used Styrofoam cakes. :) I probably would have one the same, and then made a yummy cake---in a pan---to eat. :)

  4. Where did you find the liquid gold leaf you used on the wreath topper? I've been looking for it for weeks at my local JoAnn's and Michael's, but no luck!

  5. Love these they are beautiful. I used to be one of your followers in about 2008 but then blogger deleted it. Do you remember me? I was sewing sister. My new blog is

  6. Dying to know how you all are doing in your new house! Blog soon!

  7. Sooooo cute!!! I love them all! Fantastic blog you have. Congratulations.
    Happy days and all my best from Austria


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