I'm lame, you're awesome.

Can I tell you what stresses me out almost every time I look at my blog? The "Flickr" button. Uuuugh. I have been so lame about sharing your photos here when you upload them. Which is probably why my flickr group is, let's face it, a little lame. 
(Side note: you know how it's not politically correct to say "retarded" because it hurts the feelings of people who have disabilities in their families? What about people who can't walk? Do they get offended by the term "lame"? 'Cause I say lame a lot...just wondering. What about "that stinks"? Did you know there is a disorder that causes people to smell like fish? True story. If this gets bad enough, I might be forced to use correct english!)

Anyway, I wanted to share a few photos of your wonderful work based on some of the tutorials I've shared in the past. It's so neat to see how everyone's creativity plays out! :o) Check it out:

Dorothy's version of the Two Color Leggings! Love those little tootsies!

A reader's version of the "Butterfly Collection" pillow
A FB reader's awesome versions of Paige's Embellished Glasses

A reader's versions of the "Crinkle Scarf"

Marcia's version "Beachcomber Dress"

Another "Beachcomber Dress" from Marcia :o)

Moeheetoe's version of the Bubble Skirt 

Katrina's version of the Bubble Skirt 

Laura's version of the  Paper Flowers

Moeheetoe's version of my Flower Headbands

Courtney's version of the "Pippa and Rascal" free softie pattern 

Rachael Ann's version of the "Pippa and Rascal" free softie pattern

 "Peony Hair Clips"

pendant banner from my Lavender Elephant baby shower

 Petal Clutch

Ruffly Shirt Refashion

Lila Jo's use of the Freezer Paper Stencil tutorial

Please feel free to upload your work to the Flickr group or Facebook page any time! If you're not into that, you can shoot it to me in an email if you want. I'll try not to be retarded lame stinky ...languid about getting them posted next time.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I went to Yakima earlier this week to see my brand new nephew and he is...so cute that I can't even put a word on it. I miss him already! But I was so busy snuggling him that I forgot to take pictures!! I can't believe it. I snapped a few with my phone though. You may have see them if you follow my Instagram feed. (@rufflesandstuff)



  1. Thanks for sharing! You're not lame at all: you're so sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing my flickr photo! That bubble skirt was so fun to make. Thanks for including me and linking to my blog! You are so not lame. Thanks for making my day!

  3. Aww it must be so nice to see all the projects you inspired :) Love you Disney!


  4. (love the rant about word usage ... )

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  8. I have family in Yakima. Beautiful country!

  9. I say lame too. I also say gay alot too, which I shouldn't say... :S

  10. I apologize for deleting some of the comments here guys, but I feel like things weren't going in a kind direction. Also, a couple of you seemed to have misunderstood my whole point, which was that I was trying not to say things like "lame." as much, so as not to offend.

    Our God knew we would all have feelings like these, I think that's why he tells us in the Bible not only to not offend, but not to be easily offended. :O)

  11. Hey Disney! I'm a long time reader and my family and I have recently moved to England. One of my new-found crafty friends loaned me the most recent issue of Mollie Makes, and I was excited to see your little peanut in there with her little vintage handkerchief flower brooch! I assume you know, but just in case you didn't. I actually recognized your daughter and the photo even before I read the caption and attribution, so fun! Congrats on the international fame. :)

  12. I have a friend who's last name is Gross, although she doesn't mind the word, I make sure to say "disgusting" around her husband, if I need too. It's silly, but he's sensitive, so I just go with it. Maybe we should start saying something neutral, like "bland". That's so bland. (it could work)


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