Happy Day 23: Paige's Room Tour!

Ahhh, Paige's room. One of the happiest places in our home. I love being in Paige's room. The colors are so fun and playful and it has the best light in the house. Lucky girl!

When we first started doing foster care last year, Paige had to give up her room and stay in the guest bedroom in our finished basement, which is, in my opinion, one of the scariest places in the house. But she was such a sport about it, I was so proud of her. Quite a few months later we were finally able to bring her back upstairs so we took that opportunity to make her new room a little more special.
What I really love about the room is how many of the things in it are DIYs that we did together. The pom pom garland, the gold hexadots, the A-frame tent, the straw pendant banner, the doily dream catchers, the tissue flowers, the heart pillows, the giant leaf mobile, the skateboard shelves--whew! More than I'd realized! Most of the other things were either thrifted (like her sweet vintage bedspread) or made for her by friends (the Ash and Pikachu art, the tree side table and the elk art). The awesome bookrack was a steal from when the Blockbuster store in town went out of business and the rug is from Lowes. Pink piano by Shoenhut.

Now we just need to instal trim boards in there one of these days. Hey, it's only been five years, give us a break... :O)

Happy Sunderday! That's "so-late-on-Saturday-that-it's-practically-Sunday". Probably too late for me to  try to be funny in my blog posts in fact...yikes.

Love you!


  1. Disney, Paige's room looks just lovely. My daughter and family have just moved into their first home so she is busy decorating it and needs lots of ideas for the girls' room. I am sure she will get plenty from Paige's!

  2. so bright & cheery ... and girly! Love it.
    {I pinned the straws & the teepee}

  3. Love Pinkalicious and Olivia! I think the simplicity is great for a bedroom since she's supposed to be able to sleep in there. Crazy colors and toys can be saved for a playroom. Where do the boys sleep?

  4. reminds me of my daughter's room with the mix of caucasian and Asian dolls since our family makeup is like yours :)


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