You Tried It!

Carol's version of the Lace Necklace (love it with pearls!)

Sarah Mae's version of the 20-Minute Skirt

The J.Crew-Inspired necklace by Catherine

Pleated Bag by Andrea

A striped version of my bow tie from Alysson!

Aili's version of the tights-into-knee-highs, and bubble skirt!

Burnadette's version of the "Fancy Dress"

Shona recycled a stained onesie into a fishy shirt, inspired by the "Making Her Clothes Last" post.

Playdress from Eva

A shortened-sleeved cardigan by Augustine, inspired by the hankie cardigan.

I could die over All For This Penny's version of the Jersey Skirt! Love red and white polka-dots!!

The Playdress in an adorable blue, from Just a Steel Magnolia in Georgia!

Happy Together's super cute version of the toddler Sleeping Bag! (I feel so famous right now!)

Mary Janes and Galoshes did the Petal Clutch, in silver! Adorable!

The Necklace Applique Shirt, from reader, Nicolette! Love the pearls!

Adorable version of the Bubble Skirt, from reader, Kelley!

The Jersey Skirt....

The Cupcake Picture, turned into a shirt! From Lizzy Post

And a "heart scarf" inspired by the Winter Wonderland Dress, from Make it Myne!

Reader Laura's version of the Playdress!

Here is a lovely collection of some of your projects that were inspired by Ruffles and Stuff posts! I feel so honored and delighted that you are able to use my ideas, and I love to see what you amazing ladies come up with!!

Linsdey from The Life of Lindz made this adorable version of the Blair Capelet for her little sister!

Beautiful version of the Jersey Skirt, by Simply a Silly Girl!

Super-cute Knee-Socks from Sunshine Mama!

Parker's on the Run, made this classy version of the Watch Band Bracelet! I love the black!

Chocolate Heart Shirt, and Playdress, by reader, Asta!

Two gorgeous headbands, from Mary-Janes and Galoshes, inspired by this post.

Toddler sized version of the Blair Capelet from Catie at Do Ah Diddy!

A fun, striped version of the t-shirt scarf from Amy Cornwell Designs!

Adorable! Bec, from Play, Laugh, Sew tried the skirt-to-dress tutorial in super-sweet pink!

Trudy at Sewing With Trudy made the Chic Isotoner slippers for her little princess!

Beautiful version of the lace trim scarf/wrap from Mama Tortilla!

Pearl from All Things Pearly did the granny chic Slippers in pastels-beautiful!!

And here is Susan from Life of the 4 Kings version of the Fingerless Gloves!

True Blue Style made this beautiful version of the Watch Band Bracelet with a watch her husband's grandmother gave her. How sweet!

Look at those sweet cheeks!!

Reader Alida made two versions of the Winter Wonderland dress for her daughter's Christmas dresses! How adorable!

"Granny Chic" Isotoners in black from Kimberly!

Rebecca's version of the Boy's Version of the Ruffle Picture Tee

Those last four were all sent in by the talented Rebecca at A Young Lady's Blog. Aren't her photos to die for?

Cardigan Hat in chic black and white from April at For My Kids!

Lovely, colorful version of the Bird Mobile from Sonia at Kosmic Chai

Bib Necklace by Katy Diddys (love this!)

Adventures In Dressmaking's version of the easy T-shirt Scarf. So cute in green!

No-sew cape from reader Kristie V. I LOVE this plaid!!

No-sew cape from Tara. SO CUTE!

Beautiful Book Clock from Ana Paula

Purple Pom-pom lamp from Tara!

Super cute and mod version of the Felt Tree from Vanessa at Silly Eagle Books!

Chic little scarf inspired by the Easy T-shirt Scarf, by reader Jessica (isn't she too cute?!)

Dollar Store Ruffle Shirt by reader Julie (look at those cheeks!) :o)

Ruffle Collar and Cuffs and Fingerless Gloves by reader Eva (those gloves are WAY cuter than mine!)

The Christmas Tree Wall Hanging from Sarah at Sunshine Mama! She's making an ornament a day until Christmas. Cute!

No-Sew Flutter Cape in grey from Claudia at Handmade Con Amor. She made two others as well! Wow!

Lovely Pleated pillows by reader Jennifer Gale, inspired by the Shabby Chic Lampshade!

Cardigan Hat by Linds at That's So Cuegly! (gorgeous girls!)

The No-Sew Cape from Christina at 3 Sweet P's!

The Ruffly Tree Shirt from Jenn at Making It My Own. I love the polka-dotted trunk!

Jersey Scarf, and a gorgeous Bib Necklace from Tara's FB album! (I want that necklace for myself!!)

Two Gorgeous Sweater Hats from Alexis at My Mama Made It! (she is amazing!)

Another Sweater Hat from Heather, over at Frugal Family. Isn't this the cutest? I love that bow, and you can't go wrong with pink!

I love this striking red version of the book clock from Patricia over at In the Mom Zone!

Tina's version of the no-sew flutter cape. I really shouldn't post this one, because it's cuter than mine! :o) Don't you love the grey?

The jersey scarf in teal, from Jessica at Mad in Crafts!

Sarah from the Manlupig Mob made a two-tone version of the 1$ store ruffle shirt (pink and green! My favorite!), and a ruffle g diaper, too!


  1. Hi Disney,

    I really enjoy your blog. I don't have a [sewing] blog, but I do have a Facebook group, "Sew Thankful" and several online DIY Albums.
    I, too, love Jesus, people, coffee, crafts, and anything feminine...

    Here is my latest album:

    You inspired the bib necklace, the jersey ruffle tops, and the ruffle scarf!

    Thank you so much for posting all of your beautiful work!

    Tara Ansley Niebaum


    I made myself a version of the cute anthropolgie inspired hat you made for your daughter!

    The first try was cute, and more like yours, but it didn't come down far enough to cover my ears, so I tried again, and got the two hats in the link above.

    I've since made another one for my 13 year old. I'm planning to make several more for Christmas!


  3. I had to try your ruffly Christmas tree right away. Too stinking cute!

  4. I love all these!!! Especially the gray cape!! I have the book clock, the caplet, the no sew cape (for myself), bib necklaces and the sweater hat on my to do list. :) Probably some others too!! Oh like the wristlets and your dresser lace need to come over so we can craft and Paige can put Jack in his place!! ;)

  5. Disney, thanks so much for posting my tree! Your blog is amazing and one of my favorites to read every day. Keep up the creative ideas! I love seeing what you come up with!

  6. Disney Thanks for posting my clock. I loved the idea, and your tutorial was a piece of cake. I love your blog, Thank you! :)

  7. Disney, thanx a lot for posting my version of your bird mobile...there will sure be more to come, as i love your creativity....:)

  8. I just found your blog from One Pretty Thing. Your stuff is amazing! You make it look so easy. The wheels are just turning in my head of all the stuff I could make for my 2 girls. Thanks for inspiring!

  9. Hi Disney! I love all of your ideas, and I have a few pictures to post in this section when I get around to it. Whenever I'm going through my stash of crafty stuff and I find something cute, but I'm stumped about what to do with it, I think that you should offer an advice section, like "What would Disney do?". You'd probably be overwhelmed with people asking for your creative ideas!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE argyle socks. I love purple, and black, and silver, and red, and pink...but I digress. I have these socks I bought at Hot Topic years ago and the foot is all holey. NOW I know what I'm going to to do with them thanks to you! But first I have to finish that leather rug I'm making... I completely <3 you!

  11. Disney,
    I have really enjoyed perusing your blog! I am also the wife of a preacher! Mine is still in seminary and doing pulpit supply. I have a blog called Life Undivided that combines my passions for crafting, junking, family and, of course, my relationship with Christ. I'd love to have you visit my blog! I am always looking for new blog friends.

    In Christ,

  12. I love the "You Tried It!" page. It is so fun and inspiring to see how people take a great idea and make it their own, put their own twist on it. Thanks for posting other people's creations!

  13. I love seeing all of the inspiration here. It's so great to see all of the creativity. Your blog is such an inspiration to me :)

  14. I am always inspired by your ideas. I thought that you might enjoy a ruffled purse that I made. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! Let me know what you think!

  15. Hi Disney!
    LOVE your blog times 100! I finally got the courage to try a ruffle and I am going to be addicted! It was so easy when I followed your directions and I'm so happy with how it turned out! Thanks for the tute!


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