Children's Tutorials


  1. WE LOVE YOU!!
    totally inspiring, the thriftier the better and your are the official queen of the re-purpose! you get us so excited about creating!!!!
    ~Selina, Sophia, Olivia & Elise

  2. Keep em coming! I LOVE these ideas and tutorials. I must do at least 2-3 of them per week! I am re-filling my girls closets:) Sweet:)

  3. Wonderful tuts! I want to make a set of the lace skirts for my little granddaughters. One younger one is just over a month old, I wonder if it will stay on her! Great project! Hugs, Heidi

  4. really good idea to put all your tuts in one place =D Thank you =)

  5. Hi Disney!.. and happy new year!!
    I hope you'll read this.
    I was lokking for an old post you made.. "make her cloths last" (or something like that..)

    Why don't you put it in the children tutorial session?.. I can't find it anymore...there were nice ideas and now that my daughter is growing (19 months) I would like to give it a check again.. (well..copy ideas!!).

    best wishes

  6. Man, I am so happy I just stumbled upon this blog. You are so inspiring. I am currently making a list for the thrift store and counting down the minutes until I get out of work so I can get over there! Thanks so much! P.S. your daughter is adorable!

  7. I'm glad a found this site. I'm actually gleeful right now. I'm glad I'm not the only one who revamps her daughter's clothes so that they are unique. Your baby (i know she's 4) has to be the best dressed little girl in town! :-0)


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