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Reversible Ottoman Cover

Hanging Tea Cup Candle by Hello Hydrangea

Glitter Polka Dot Pumpkin
Leather Scrap Journals

"MOM" Photo

Monogram collage


Making a book in Photoshop

T-shirt Pillow

Envelope Templates

Potholder Rug


  1. hiya

    I came across your blog thru the Blog Catalogue site, and I felt iI had to leave you a comment...wow! I am always amazed at what I see created from "odds and ends"...great stuff you have on your blog! I have always been a crafter since I was 10, didnt know that what it was called..lol I'd see something and knew I couldnt afford it so I would copy what I saw and away I went! Who knew it was something alot of others would get into! At age 12 I made a robe from old dish towels...and felt somewhat ashamed..who knew it would be shabby chic?! Thanks to you and others who have made it that way! Keep on being creative!

    Have a great day!

  2. There's so many amazing tutorials to choose from here! I love the butterfly cushion :)

  3. Ma'am, you are ridiculous. The ideas that you have are...just mind blowing :D!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much, and keep rocking on!

  4. Hi Disney!

    Thanks for all your beautiful tutorials and ideas... I'm now on holidays and I'll try to do some headbands and bows for my hair ;-) Xmas is finished so I hope I'll have some time for myself hihihihihi ;-)
    See you ;-) Bye, Isa xxx

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring blog! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  6. I stumbled upon your blog though a pinterest post, and I am so glad I did. =) Cant wait to start some new projects now.


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